Thursday, May 10, 2012

#leverson : #Cameron Caught Out - Lies EXPOSED At Leveson.

by Sturdy Blog

There’s always a mixture of frustration and glee when mainstream media miss the blindingly obvious, leaving a lowly blogger like me to point it out. Most have focussed on Andy Coulson’s lack of security clearance and BSkyB shares – granted, both important issues. ”No killer blow” have declared BBC correspondents, Sky reporters, journalists, politicos and other assorted lotophagi reviewing the Coulson evidence. I beg to differ.
The Prime Minister has been caught, today, lying. On record. Repeatedly.

Cameron was pulled up recently by MP Chris Bryant for meetings with Rupert Murdoch which had not been declared, despite his many statements to the House of Commons that he had published all of them. The reaction from Number 10 was swift, categorical and bullish. Rupert Murdoch’s lawyers rushed to withdraw the list of meetings attached to Rupe’s statement, and re-submitted it with some of the meetings in question omitted and some shown as “possible” or “proposed”. They could not be confirmed.

Cameron’s spokesman made a statement claiming “We are confident that the list we published was correct. Our list is based on our diary records and we believe those diary records are comprehensive.”
Cameron’s full list can be found here. The relevant extract for July is more