Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Overlooked Murdoch Scandals

While the British media has uncovered a number of Rupert Murdoch scandals which have thankfully led to a reduction in his influence in this country, it has not reported, or has barely reported many horrible things which his media empire does in Britain, the US, and Australia.

This article is about those overlooked Murdoch scandals.

It discusses: 1 crucial aspect of the paying police scandal, and 1 crucial aspect of the 'phone hacking scandal which most people are unaware of; 2 examples of Rupert Murdoch media in this country and Australia driving people to kill themselves; numerous proven examples of Murdoch media in this country, the US, and Australia fabricating news stories; the racism of Murdoch's Fox News network; prominent Americans who say that Fox News, which is notorious in liberal circles in the US for its fabrications, is like a fascist or Communist propaganda operation; Rupert Murdoch's political hero, Ronald Reagan, appointing 5 pro-Third Reich people to government jobs when he was elected US President in 1980;

Murdoch's love affair with China's brutal Communist regime; Julian Assange's January admission that WikiLeaks has US diplomatic cables whose content should worry Murdoch and News Corporation, and that those "insurance" cables will be published if anything happens to him or WikiLeaks;

Murdoch's Australian media empire illegally paying police in that country; "The Sun" employing the cruel "comedian" Frankie Boyle as a columnist; "The Sun" hacking scandal, which has not been reported very much at all, despite the fact that there is now good evidence to prove that the paper was involved in hacking, which is why Jude Law is now suing them for allegedly hacking his 'phone; campaigns which are now trying to persuade people to boycott News Corporation's products; some ideas for a humorous boycott campaign against News Corporation; and finally, the national culture reasons why France and Holland have no "News of the World" and "Sun" type newspapers, while Britain does.

Scotland Yard has announced that its Operation Elveden will look into claims that a "small number" of police officers were illegally given money by the "News of the World" between 2003 and 2007, but Paul McMullan, who was deputy features editor at the "News of the World" from 1994 to 2001, admitted during Radio 4's July 7 "World at One" programme, that in 1995, one of his colleagues at the paper paid a police officer for a tip off that the daughter of the film actor Denholm Elliott was begging outside a London tube station, and occasionally working as a prostitute, and also admitted that there was a "going rate" of between "two and five hundred pounds" for police tip offs of that sort, so the illegal payments appear to have begun long before 2003, and to have involved more cases than Denholm Elliott's daughter Jennifer, which means that the paying police scandal is bigger than most people realise.

Paul McMullan was also quoted in "The Guardian" of September 8, 2010, as having revealingly said that the "News of the World" used Glenn Mulcaire's hacking for "just about every story", which means that the hacking scandal is also bigger than most people realise.

Paul McMullan also admitted during the "World at One" programme, that his story about Jennifer Elliott, and his subsequent "News of the World" stories about her drug problems, "humiliated and destroyed her", and that he feels guilty about the fact that she later committed suicide.

Jennifer Elliott was not the first person who had been driven to kill themselves by the Rupert Murdoch media empire's cruel and sexually repressed obsession with publicising people's private lives, which the public should only be told about if they, for example, expose the hypocrisy of a sexually moralistic politician or cleric.

In 1964, one of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers, the Sydney "Daily Mirror", printed an entirely fabricated story under the headline, "WE HAVE SCHOOLGIRL'S ORGY DIARY", which led to a 13 year old boy who was named in the story, Digby Bamford, being expelled from his school and hanging himself. The 14 year old schoolgirl, who was also expelled from her school, was later medically examined by a doctor for the local Child Welfare Department, and was found to be a virgin.

In 1971, the "News of the World" ran a similar entirely fabricated story about a 15 year old dancer in the "Top of the Pops" audience, Samantha MacAlpine, which claimed that a "leatherette bound book" she had written in, revealed that she and other dancers in the audience, were involved in sexual "promiscuity" with musicians who appeared on the show. She then committed suicide, and the pathologist revealed that she had also been a virgin.

Rupert Murdoch's media empire has in fact become notorious for its completely fabricated stories, which is why an American comedian turned Democrat Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, has written a humorous book which includes entire chapters about the proven lies of 2 presenters who work for Murdoch's Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right" (Penguin, London, 2004).

Al Franken's book is very definitely worth reading, because (a) it is amusing, because (b) it is, "The book that the Murdoch-owned Fox News tried to prevent from being published", to cite "The Observer", and because (c) Fox News unsuccessfully sued Franken for using their "Fair and balanced" slogan in his book title.

Another example of Fox News's disinterest in the truth, is the fact that it has broadcast digitally altered photos of 2 "New York Times" reporters which gave them yellow teeth, and in one case, a receding hairline, and dark patches under his eyes: more