Monday, July 25, 2011

#Hackgate:Intelligence chief sacked over dossier accusing the Goverment of being behind 7/7 bombings,

Let us all keep a very close eye on Mr.Farrell as these whistleblowers do seem to have rather a lot of unexplained deaths. How easy to accuse Mr.Farrell of having mental problems but Mr.Farrell is not the only one who has evidence to the 7/7 bombings and how the Official story does not add up. Link provided.

The fact the SUN carried this story one must now ask if Mr.Farrell's phone was hacked and what information on 7/7 is now in the hands of MURDOCH.

PETER POWER: NOT mentioned in any official report that there WAS a dry run exercise that very morning . GOVERMENT amnesia perhaps ?


Published: 18 Jul 2011
COPS are being sued by an intelligence chief they sacked - over a dossier accusing the GOVERNMENT of being behind the 7/7 bombings.


He also claimed the risk from Islamic extremists was zero and tackling crime and protecting vulnerable people was "irrelevant". Mr Farrell, a £35,000-a-year civilian worker for South Yorkshire Police, was sacked after he refused to get his mental state checked by a doctor.

"I have evidence the Government is underpinned by a satanic ideology."

He said of the 7/7 outrage in London: "I couldn't go along with the lie when 52 innocent people and four so-called bombers had been killed."

He also said 9/11 was an American "inside job". His employment tribunal is later this year.

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COMMENT: I was also amazed to see the HOME OFFICE release their 7/7 Inquest response  report on the day of the TWO MURDOCHS . ALL eyes were on this remarkable day and as the Goverment very well knew this report would not be picked up on by the mainstream media. I doubt anyone knows of its existance.