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Ian Craven of the MET now responsible for the death of three dogs.

Laura Elston: Phone hacking takes a new twist..

Bailed: The Press Association's royal reporter Laura Elston was arrested following phone hacking allegations
Bailed: The Press Association's royal reporter Laura Elston was arrested following phone hacking allegations

Laura Elston : No charges brought for the moment..

Laura Elston released after questioning over phone hacking allegations

Updates to follow...

Christopher Shale: Toxicology tests inconclusive...

Laura Elston arrested as celebrities are to see 'phone hacking ' material.

Laura Elston : 34-yr-old arrested in phone hacking investigation. Laura is a Press Association royal correspondent...

HACKGATE Journalist arrested

Press Association journalist arrested by police investigating phone hacking allegations


MET: Two police dogs bake to death...

Christopher Shale :Top Tory's death at festival a mystery

Christopher Shale: Heart attack , suicide or murder ?


I see that Rupert Soames was the last person to speak to him. His brother Nicholas was the chap who made threatening comments to Princess Diana “Accidents happen”. Interesting.

Phone hacking: Met to pass Glenn Mulcaire papers to litigants

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Christopher Shale suicide or heart attack it appears we are never to know..and once again questions cannot fail to be asked is Shale another David Kelly ?

Christopher Shale death followed scathing leaked report.

Christopher Shale police are reporting unexplained death ...

Christopher Shale. Festival organiser spoke of suicide...

The festival organiser Michael Eavis spoke of his sadness over the death during a press conference later.

The 75-year-old farmer was told it was suicide - but police said it was still too early to say.

Mr Eavis said: “Apparently I'm told it was a suicide situation in the early hours of this morning. It was in the Winnebago area. It's very very sad - I can't say too much about it.”

Christopher Shale :"Over the years we have come across as graceless, voracious, crass, always on the take."

The memorandum, reported by the Mail on Sunday, said that the prime minister's own association gained only 22 members in the past year, and Shale is reported to propose "a transformational increase" in membership in ways that can others follow nationally.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Shale wrote that "collectively we are not always an appealing proposition".

Shale criticised the association's fundraising efforts, saying: "Over the years we have come across as graceless, voracious, crass, always on the take."
He concluded that people don't join because they "think we'll beg and steal from them. And they're right".

Shale added: "When we are together we are not always a group of people to whom many of our potential members are going to be magnetically drawn."
He goes on to warn: "When we come together as a group we sometimes morph into something different, less attractive. Our [Woca] environment alters us."

His solution offered was: "We must look different – when we communicate, when we're together. We must sound different – in what we say, how we say it, the language we use, our tone of voice. We must behave differently – try to see ourselves as others see us."

He claimed that the country can be divided into two groups, "politics-heavy" people and "politics-light" ones, who aren't interested in the subject except at general elections. He calculated that 98% of the population is "politics light" and that "politics heavy is a big turn off for politics-light people".

Shale likens changing the membership package away from political activity to what Cameron did to the national party: "It's what, pre-2005, DC used to call double ham and eggs: We've offered them ham and eggs repeatedly. They don't want it. So how can the solution possibly be double ham and eggs?"
Instead, under Shale's strategy, "Woca is, in effect, going into the event management business". He proposed the association put on events with "money can't buy appeal".

One idea was for "The PMQ DIY Lunch: Bring your own sandwiches to watch PMQs in a different fine country house in the constituency (by courtesy of a PPC member) every week; glass of wine, cup of coffee, informal discussion, yours for a fiver".

He also proposed party supporters are given access to politicians in the US in return for cash. "We might have 'Just Another Ordinary Day: We'll organise it but choose how you get there, stay where you like for as long as you like and on one of the days breakfast briefing with a senior staffer, tour of the White House, lunch with a senator … yours for cost plus a £1,000 donation to Woca."

Christopher Shale : Telegraph reports a suicide..?

James Forsyth re Christopher Shale (found dead in Glastonbury)

Christopher Shale: Glastonbury Festival: Police update death is now 'unexplained'

Christopher Shale found dead...

A policeman at the Glastonbury festival, where a body was found in a backstage area
A policeman at the Glastonbury festival, where a body was found in a backstage area. Photograph: Jsn Photography/WireImage
A senior member of David Cameron's Tory constituency has been found dead in a portable toilet at the Glastonbury festival.

Christopher Shale, the chairman of West Oxfordshire Conservative Association, suffered a heart attack, sources believe.

His body was found in a portable toilet in the backstage area, where many celebrities and performers stay.

A story in the Mail on Sunday contained leaked sections of a strategy document Shale had drafted for David Cameron, in which he said the party can be perceived as "crass" and "always on the take".

Avon and Somerset police confirmed that the body of a man in his mid-50s had been found in the backstage area. A woman was seen being comforted by officers.

His body was found at 8.45am. An area between the Pyramid stage and the Other stage has been cordoned off. .

Exclusive: Why didn’t Brown bring down Blair until September 2006?

The Slogger pounces on a piece of murky illogic in the Brown/Blair succession story

The Sequence of events

Following the 2005 General Election, New Labour is desperately short of money. The Party is £26.2 million in debt, and Treasurer Jack Dromey is desperately worried. He becomes even more worried when told that a further £13M of debt has been dissolved thanks to illegal donations.

As a Brown supporter, in March 2006 he goes on TV without warning and says it’s outrageous….without permission, and clearly to stab Blair. Essentially, he points the finger at the Blair entourage of more

David Cameron an odious little man tucked up in bed with Brooks and Murdoch.

When the expenses furore exploded in 2009, Cameron launched a hypocritical and appalling attack on veteran Conservative MP Bill Cash, who has dedicated his life’s work to taking on the European Union.

He said Cash had ‘questions to answer’.He didn’t. He was clean as a whistle and threatened Cameron with legal action to prove it.  

Cameron, the millionaire who used Commons expenses for his mortgage and to tend his garden, backed off, but it didn’t stop him throwing other innocent Tory MPs to the wolves. Curiously, MPs with close personal links to Cameron seemed to escape the criticism aimed at Cash.

Read more:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glenn Muclaire: Phone hacking police have over 100 recordings

Terenia Teres: News International distance themselves !

HACKGATE DAY 159: Woman arrested about Newscorp hacking, Balls calls in police about Telegraph series.

It is slowly dawning on the British public that privacy invasion is a much bigger subject than the criminals at the News of the World. This morning’s arrest in West Yorkshire is, I’m told, of a hacking ‘intermediary’ not a Screws journalist – but it is to do with Sue Akers’ Operation Weeting. So with Jeremy ‘Culcha’ Hunt set next week to give Rupert the go-ahead to ply his trade on a bigger canvas, there could be a fly in his ointment by this evening. We shall see.

Terenia Taras: Arrested for phone hacking and all roads lead back to the McCanns!

Arrested woman believed to be Terenia Taras, ex-girlfriend of former News of the World news chief Greg Miskiw

One conicidence too many, Raymond Hewlett was to be the fall guy, the one who abducted Madeleine and at one time according to the McCanns PI's Metodo 3 , Mari Luz Cortez.

Two of Britain's most evil paedophiles are to be quizzed over the sex murder of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed 25 years ago-after new evidence was uncovered by the News of the World. The 11-year-old-known as Little Miss Chatterbox-was appallingly assaulted, knifed to death and left on moors. The News of the World has now linked the horror to pink-haired "Michael Horgan, Raymond Hewlett and a third man we are not naming.

A hardened detective, who keeps a photo of Lesley on his desk, has opened 148 new lines of inquiry into her murder as a result of our dossier. Det Chief Supt Max McLean glanced at the picture and said: "I've been looking at it for some time. This is a case that stirs you to want to do your best. Your dossier's been extremely helpful." Lesley, who had a heart defect, was killed in October 1975 while on an errand for her mum. She was sexually assaulted, knifed 12 times and dumped near her home town of Rochdale, Lancs. Educationally subnormal Stefan Kiszko was found guilty of the murder, but freed after 16 years when DNA evidence cleared him.

METGATE / HACKGATE Corruption...

Arrested woman believed to be Terenia Taras, ex-girlfriend of former News of the World news chief Greg Miskiw

METGATE/HACKGATE Corruption goes on as police arrest woman in Yorkshire

Cameron and Clegg are evil...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday Times loses libel disclosure battle with police

Judge: Mr.Justice Tughendhat

The Sunday Times has lost a court battle to force the commissioner of the Metropolitan police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency to disclose confidential documents which the newspaper could use as evidence in a libel trial next month.

Times Newspapers, the publisher of the Times and Sunday Times, is being sued for libel by David Hunt, over the accusation of committing "very serious criminal offences" and who the paper claims "has not been brought to justice". According to a high court judgment made public on Tuesday, Scotland Yard and Soca have "admitted that [Hunt] is the head of an organised crime group".

The Sunday broadsheet is accused of libelling Hunt stating he was "guilty of very serious criminal offences committed by himself and others whom he organises".

The Sunday Times wants to use the confidential documents, some of which are alleged to have been leaked to the paper by a police whistleblower, as part of its defence in the libel trial, listed to be heard at the high court next month.

Andy Gray accepts 20.000 from Corrupt News Corp

Saturday, June 18, 2011

HACKGATE DAY 151 : Murdochs 'infobabe' BROOKS is a victim !

It’s pretty clear that, during 2005, Newscorp CEO Rebekah Brooks’s mobile phone must’ve been the most public piece of personal technology on the planet. For as well as her conversations being bugged by the Met Police (they probably wanted to know what was on the menu for dinner that night) A N Other Newscorp title was also hacking her message-box. What a good job it is, then, that Rebekah wasn’t hacking anyone herself; otherwise her phone would’ve had a nervous breakdown at some point.

But it does make you wonder about all that shareholders’ money going on detectives’ fees when it might have been a whole lot easier to just….you know, have a meeting or something.

Call me suspicious, but I sense a dimension of sympathy vote in this ‘she-was-hacked-too’ mullarkey. Fine, I know the Met found her name in all the Mulcaire stuff, but…well, this is the Met we’re talking about here. And Roop – who has a bit of  a thing for Big Hair Becky – is very keen for her to get off.
I mean here you are, the editor of the Screws, and you know that the Sun’s editor is the apple of the boss’s eye. What better way to further your career than hack her phone, and then run a story about – and I choose this entirely at random – her actor beau being in bed with somebody else very young when you get back home after a party? Put it like this: it isn’t the strategy I’d adopt.

Oh – I nearly forgot – the revelation that Ms Brooks was a likely repeated target for Mr Mulcaire was made by…..Sky News. What a relief that it’s being spun off as part of the BSkyB bid scam sorry, approval process... read more

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HACKGATE: 147...Contagion spreads beyong the Inclusion Zone.

The SLOG predicts...

....the NotW, The Sun, Newscorp and even Fleet Street as  a whole are the tip of a ship-sinking iceberg. May God protect HMS Coalition, and all who sail close to the wind on her.

I hope Johns right and that Brooks and Cameron trot away on their horsies and fall from the height of a great cliff. Poetic justice.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joshua Rozenberg : Sunday Times has reported my interview with Mr Justice Eady with no author credit !!!!!!!!

John Prescott: Quote " MURDOCH'S False News International !

HACKgate: METgate : John Prescott "there is something rotten in our state"

John Prescott now, this very moment on twitter mad as hell ...Follow John on twitter as he explains.....!/johnprescott

Here is the offending article I have placed it here in full before they pull it.

Miliband faces leadership questions

Ed and David Miliband at last year's Labour conference in Manchester
Sunday, 12, Jun 2011 02:35
Ed Miliband faces serious questions about his leadership, with speculation over possible future challenges from Ed Balls and David Miliband.

Disquiet about his ability to take the fight to the coalition, despite a series of U-turns, has prompted the first widespread discussions about his future as leader of the opposition.

A book serialised by the Mail on Sunday, written by two prominent left-wing journalists, reveals Mr Miliband's elder brother, whom he narrowly beat in last year's leadership election, is "poised" to mount a challenge should the opportunity arise.

The former foreign secretary effectively accused Ed Miliband of lying over the so-called "act of fratricide". Ed Miliband has claimed he told his brother about his intention to run for the Labour leadership face-to-face. David Miliband claims he first heard of the news in a television report.

Several newspapers carried stories citing sources close to David Miliband indicating his willingness to challenge Ed Miliband. The Independent on Sunday said friends of the Blairite favourite believ David Miliband is "waiting for his brother to fail".

Serious concerns about Ed Miliband's performance are common among MPs, peers and Labour party donors, the Sunday Times reported.

Former home secretary David Blunkett said the next year would prove "vital in creating momentum and a sense of direction". Former deputy prime minister John Prescott said Mr Miliband had not got off to a "great start".

The newspaper quoted an anonymous Labour MP as suggesting shadow chancellor Ed Balls had a "cunning plan" to undermine the leader by making Mr Balls appear a team player.

"Balls will then be in pole position to replace Ed whenever the vacancy arises," the MP explained.

"Nobody's pretending there will be a vacancy any time soon. But Balls wants to be in place."

Tomorrow Mr Miliband will attempt to relaunch his leadership by making a speech on welfare reform, as legislation pushing through the coalition's plan to shake up the benefits system is debated in the Commons.

His remarks could inflame tensions within the party by criticising New Labour's record in government - a tactic which has alarmed many New Labour supporters.

"Labour, a party founded by hard-working people for hard-working people, was seen by some - however unfairly - as the party of those ripping off society," Mr Miliband is expected to say.

"A 'take what you can' culture which began in the 1980s was allowed to continue, unchecked, under the last government."

Those on the left of the Labour party could be alarmed when Mr Miliband goes further than Peter Mandelson, who famously remarked that he was "intensely relaxed" about people getting 'filthy rich'.

"I'm not only relaxed about them getting rich," Mr Miliband will add. "I applaud it."

A source close to Mr Miliband sought to downplay speculation about the Labour leader's future by dismissing it as "tittle-tattle".

"David and Ed talked before, during and after the leadership election," the source said. "There is no problem... the Labour party will be concentrating on meeting the challenges of Britain's future, not looking back to the past."
A spokesman for David Miliband said the former favourite to take over from Gordon Brown had "moved on".

"This is soap opera speculation about history when the public want politicians to be focusing on the future," he said.

Supporters of the younger Miliband brother were left pointing to his performance in the polls. 'Tweet4Labour' observed: "Ed Miliband has led Labour up 14% in the polls. If he did that every year until election same people would complain about one-party state."

A YouGov poll for the Sunday Times put Labour on 42%, five points ahead of the Conservatives on 37%. The Liberal Democrats attracted just nine per cent.
Over half of respondents said Mr Miliband was doing badly as Labour leader, however, compared to just 30% who thought he was doing well.

Two-thirds were unclear what he stands for. Forty-one per cent said they thought David Miliband would do a better job - and just six per cent thought he would do a worse one.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

HACKGATE DAY 146 : Pressure's on Murdoch..but he could give a damn...

Cameron has everything to fear from what the Akers investigation finds out.

Socially intertwined with Rebekah of the Cotswolds and politically in debt over the BSkyB takeover, the potential for this scandal to blow the Coalition out of the water remains a real and present danger. Scurrilous gossips have also been offering tittle-tattle here and there (well, everywhere actually) about Wade and Cameron’s formerly shared interest in recreational stimulation. To be honest, such rumour is of little or no interest to me: my sole concern in this specific case of privacy invasion is to ensure that the real perpetrators go to jail – and above all else, no future British Prime Minister winds up in the pocket of a media baron, Murdoch or more

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brown-Blair and BLACKMAIL

I’ve been on their case for a long, long time

On May 10th 2011, the Daily Telegraph ran a piece alleging that Ed Balls was Gordon Brown’s main supporter in the process of blackmailing Prime Minister Tony Blair into resignation.

Although The Slog never identified Balls as the main player in the plot, I carried out an extensive investigation during 2009 and 2010 into exactly when the blackmail threat was delivered, and what it was most likely to have been about. In particular, I suggested that – as a provisioner of secret dirt on Blair’s alleged self-enrichment – Jack Straw was probably heavily involved in providing the ammunition.

I will bring you down with sleaze...Brown screamed at Blair !

THE BLAIR-BROWN SUCCESSION: So it was Ed balls after all

Alcock & Brown…low-flying devils

Is any of it connected to Hackgate?

The Slog wrote several pieces early in 2010 about the Brown plot to oust Blair during the 2005-6 period. Most people knew by then that they two men hated each other, so the Daily Telegraph’s confirmation of this another fifteen months later is hardly news.

Cameron and the Freemasons

Scotland Yards FREEMASONS.

Dr David Kelly -

The Attorney-General has informed the House of Commons that he is not ordering an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly who died in July 2003 - see Telegraph 9th June.  This case has been particularly controversial.  The Hutton Inquiry decided that Dr Kelly had committed suicide.  Lord Hutton stated that - " ... the principal cause of death was bleeding from incised wounds to the left wrist which Dr Kelly inflicted on himself with the knife found beside his body."  See Hutton Inquiry and Cause of Death

The Attorney's statement is perhaps unlikely to be the last we hear of this matter.

Sir Peter Tapsell questioned Cameron on the murder of Dr.David Kelly and Madeleine McCann.

Sir Peter Tapsell, a senior Tory backbencher, asked Mr Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions: “Now that there is to be an investigation into the abduction or murder of Madeleine McCann, isn’t there a much stronger case for a full investigation into the suicide or murder of Dr David Kelly?”
Mr Cameron said while he welcomed the Metropolitan Police review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, he was not supportive of a similar move in the case of Dr Kelly.
David Cameron said the Hutton report into the Government weapons inspector's death had been “fairly clear”, adding: “I don't think it's necessary to take that case forward.”

He said: “On the issue of Dr David Kelly, I thought the results of the inquest that were carried out and the report into it were fairly clear and I don’t think it is necessary to take that case forward.”

The remarks appeared to catch the office of the Attorney General off-guard, with officials suggesting that nothing had change. A spokesman for Mr Grieve’s office said he would announce “in due course” whether he will ask the High Court to order an inquest.
She said: “The Attorney General is still considering representations made and we will be making a decision in due course.

“He has not consulted any of his Cabinet colleagues on the issue and is undertaking the review in his public interest role. He is still considering the material and the representations made and will make his decision in due course.”

Last summer Mr Grieve signaled he was prepared to intervene in the controversy, admitting that those who doubted his suicide “may have a valid point”.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Grieve said he hoped to settle any concerns about the government scientist’s death to “give the public reassurance”.

Moira Anderson: British Goverment paedophilia cover-up

Paedophilia: British Goverment cover-up of Moira Anderson...James Gallogley, a convicted paedophile.. .implicated senior public figures in the abuse of children in Strathclyde during the 1950s and 1960s

Pressure on police to release paedophile dossier

April 23, 2006

A SECRET dossier said to identify members of a paedophile ring could be published within weeks, after the intervention of the Scottish information commissioner.
Kevin Dunion has been asked by the family of Moira Anderson, a schoolgirl who disappeared almost 50 years ago, to review a decision by Strathclyde police not to release the document that may identify her abductors.

The 11-year-old was last seen boarding a bus in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, in 1957 during a heavy snowstorm. She was on her way to the shops to buy a box of chocolates for her mother’s birthday.

The dossier, written by James Gallogley, a convicted paedophile who died in Peterhead prison in 1999, is said to implicate senior public figures in the abuse of children in Strathclyde during the 1950s and 1960s. It is also believed to list vehicles and safe houses used in Glasgow, Monklands and Paisley where children were hidden before being taken to sex parties.

Strathclyde’s chief constable has refused to release the document, saying its publication could destroy any chance of solving the case.

However, relatives argue it could help to identify those responsible for Anderson’s abduction and recover her remains.

Her sister Janet, 63, who lives in Australia, has appealed to the information commissioner to order its release. A decision is expected in the next few weeks.

Her call is backed by Sandra Brown, the founder of the Moira Anderson Foundation, who believes her late father, Alex Gartshore, was responsible for the crime.

In an interview with The Sunday Times this weekend, Brown said her father, a former bus driver and convicted sex offender from Coatbridge, was part of a paedophile ring whose members she will recognise when she sees Gallogley’s dossier.

She said that Gartshore and Gallogley, who were friends, lived close to Fred West, the notorious serial killer, in Coatbridge during the early 1960s. Both Gartshore and West moved out of the area in late 1965.

However, Gartshore, who was on bail accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl at the time of Anderson’s disappearance, denied any involvement in the crime. He died earlier this month at the age of 85.

According to Brown, who has spoken to former police officers involved in the investigation, Gallogley’s dossier describes how “wee Moira” was subdued with chloroform, abused by Gartshore and “one other” and placed in the boot of Gartshore’s bus.

It claims her body was dumped in the Tarry Burn in Coatbridge, an area that has never been thoroughly searched.

The dossier was handed to police by a former cell mate four years after Gallogley’s death.

It prompted a review of Anderson’s disappearance but failed to throw up any meaningful leads.

“Pressure needs to be brought to bear on Strathclyde police,” said Brown. “Who is being protected and why is there a problem with transparency? I understand Gallogley’s dossier reveals names in his confession. It indicates Moira was not the sole victim of this ring and gives details of parties where children were abused.

“Those named could help lead us to Moira’s remains. There’s unwillingness by officers to share information.”

However, Strathclyde police said inquiries were ongoing. “We regularly review any investigations and the disappearance of Moira Anderson is no exception,” said a spokesman. “Any new evidence and information will be the subject of further investigation in an effort to resolve her disappearance, ” said a spokesman.

BAILII: Justices Hidden backbone...

The link to Uk Humanrights blog right at home here...for with MURDOCH and his henchmen Bailii is now needed more than ever, the greatest source to find the legal truth ! However , Bailii need a little help, and my donation has now been sent.

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HACKGATE: Phone scandal widens to include Kate Middleton and war monger Blair

Pressure is building on the Metropolitan police to expand their phone-hacking inquiry to include a notorious private investigator who was accused in the House of Commons on Wednesday of targeting politicians, members of the royal family and high-level terrorist informers on behalf of Rupert Murdoch's News International.

Guardian inquiries reveal that the former prime minister Tony Blair is among the suspected victims of Jonathan Rees, who was involved in the theft of confidential data, the hacking of computers and, it is alleged, burglary. According to close associates of Rees, he also targeted:

HACKGATE :Rebekah Wade /Brooks, also supports the Goverment cover-up into the death of Madeleine McCann

According to News International the latest allegations in the phone hacking affair, made by Nick Davies in the Guardian and Labour MP Tom Watson in the Commons are “wholly inaccurate”. 

For four years the company told us much the same thing about similar allegations relating to private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, and it was wrong — so wrong that it is now ready to pay out compensation running into millions, while a police investigation is under way involving 45 officers. On balance, I know who I am inclined to believe.

The allegations double the scale of the scandal, and more.

This is a second private investigator — Jonathan Rees — a second cache of documents, a second roll-call of victims (the Duchess of Cambridge, Tony Blair, Jack Straw…) and, though it may also include phone hacking, it clearly also includes a different modus operandi.

It is clear, too, that the materials seized from and assembled about Rees in the course of a murder investigation (which resulted in charges against Rees that were later dismissed in court) are much more extensive.

In the case of Mulcaire, the convicted hacker, two or three bin bags of material have yielded most of the information about his activities; the Rees materials are said to fill hundreds of boxes. The allegations also stretch back further in time, into the 1990s.

Watson says he has a letter from Sue Akers, the officer in charge of investigating the Mulcaire-News of the World affair, suggesting that the Rees case is outside her remit.

Whatever else he got from the Prime Minister yesterday, Watson seems to have secured a statement that there is no limit to Akers’s remit and she can look at what she likes, if the information leads her there. (And by the way, why did Cameron look so angry and fed up about saying that?)

There are no grounds for believing News International denials.

We have no evidence that they have investigated the matter themselves, and even if they made that claim their credibility would be wafer-thin since they have a record of boasting about thorough investigations which turn out (by their own admission) to have been nothing of the kind.

The only appropriate response would have been to say (if that is really the case) that News International were unaware of the evidence behind the Watson and Davies allegations and that they would welcome a police investigation to clear things up.

But News International is now in a desperate position. It has no credibility left in this matter. Its senior executives, notably Rebekah Brooks but also for his past role James Murdoch, are hopelessly compromised. As its response to the Mulcaire events has shown, its only recourse is money, of which it has plenty — all it can do is pay people to go away and shut up, as it has been feverishly trying to do since 2008.

This is a shameful position for the dominant media company in this country.

The Times, stablemate of the News of the World, didn’t even mention the new allegations in its print edition this morning. Who made that decision? Was it Brooks, the compromised chief executive and dead woman walking in this affair? On what grounds? To protect herself? To protect Rupert Murdoch? Certainly not to protect the Times, whose reputation has been sullied disastrously by all of this.

Before the new allegations the senior management of News International was in serious trouble, and in need of more than window-dressing and cheque-writing to redeem itself.

Now it is surely in free-fall.

In any other company, shareholders, employees and directors, not to mention customers, would be demanding wholesale change and reform. In this company only Rupert Murdoch matters. When will he acknowledge the scale of the disaster?

Brian Cathcart teaches journalism at Kingston University London and tweets at @BrianCathcart

Rebekah Wade/Brooks as the Dead Woman Walking.

Cameron, Murdoch and a Greek Island freebie...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Southern cross chiefs netted 35m. Tomorrows front page...

CHINA:Why is Hillary Clinton so interested in cyber-attacks on Google?

Hacking Gmail is small fry compared with potentially devastating defence hacks. But Clinton seems to care only about Google
Hillary Clinton has described the allegations that Gmail was hacked as 'very serious'. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
There has recently been a lot of media attention focused on a relatively unsophisticated and even mundane act of information exploitation against high-level Gmail users and, not surprisingly, a Chinese IP address.

There's absolutely nothing new or sophisticated about the attacks, which have been going on for a year or more and which essentially add a forwarding instruction so that others can read copies of everything coming to your Gmail account or even be allowed access to your account – all without you knowing about it. In fact, a Washington DC-based security researcher published samples on her blog last February; I recall giving it a quick read back then and thinking how the simple strategies are still the best when it comes to hostile or criminal acts in cyberspace.

Spear phishing attacks are simple, elegant things that cost almost nothing to develop except a bit of homework on the potential targets, and they continue to work regardless of millions of dollars being spent to stop or intercept them.

HACKGATE DAY 138: Race against time as Hunt gives outline approval to Newscorp’s BSkyB bid

Riming-Slange….will he beat the cops to it?

Evil on course for triumph

The FT seems to have beaten the field this morning, using insider confirmation to assert that Murdoch’s BSkyB takeover is as good as in the bag.

But there are still three things that can stop Newscorp. First, a public outcry so enormous that David Cameron is forced to heed it. Second, the BSkyB directors wanting a lot more for their shares than the Digger is prepared to give.

And third, the media and the Met Police coming up with yet more damning evidence to show that Newscorp is a corrupting, crooked, and dangerously powerful unelected factor in the political and social life of any country it infects.

'Weinergate' Crotches up a notch !

It is hard to know how things can get more awkward for Anthony Weiner, a US Congressman from New York, who is involved in a scandal that is silly, serious and also something in between. Why, the nation demands to know, was a picture of a man's bulging crotch sent to a female student last week via his personal Twitter account?

The image itself barely ranks as pornographic. There is a flash of leg and lots of Y-front fabric with some contours that admittedly suggest male equipment of impressive dimensions. Still, if it turns out that the model was indeed the Congressman and he was the one who sent it, he may be in deep water, at least politically.

No one will have foreseen the ensuing media hurricane more quickly than the Congressman. All his life he has lived with the name Weiner, pronounced "Wee-ner", a slang synonym in the US for penis. It is no surprise then that the newspapers are already calling it Weinergate and are in indulging in a festival of puns and innuendo. "Weiner Exposed" yelled the New York Post yesterday. "Weiner's Pickle", chimed in the Daily more
Not the image posted on twitter !

The IMF itself should be on trial.

Sometimes, the most revealing aspect of the shrieking babble of the 24/7 news agenda is the silence. Often the most important facts are hiding beneath the noise, unmentioned and undiscussed.

So the fact that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is facing trial for allegedly raping a maid in a New York hotel room is – rightly – big news. But imagine a prominent figure was charged not with raping a maid, but starving her to death, along with her children, her parents, and thousands of other people. That is what the IMF has done to innocent people in the recent past. That is what it will do again, unless we transform it beyond all recognition. But that is left in the silence.