Thursday, July 21, 2011

#Hackgate : #McCanns and the massive British Goverment cover-up

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Does PR spokesman Clarence Mitchell know more than he’s letting on?

The Slog finds himself a tad mystified this morning.

Puzzle One: the Murdoch Sun has been publicising Gerry and Kate McCann’s book about their missing daughter Madeleine. This despite the fact that in January, their press agent Clarence Mitchell told the media he suspected both his and their phones had been hacked. So in the light of more recent Soham parent revelations about Newscorp allegedly hacking them in their hour of need, you’d have thought Gerry, Kate and Clarence might have concluded the Dirty Digger was behind it.

Why, then, sign a book and publicity deal with Newscorp?

Puzzle Two: as a result of the McCanns’ open letter to the Prime Minister in the Sun – pleading for the case to be reopened – Call me Dave I’m all heart Cameron leaned on Theresa May to cough up the £13 million required to do so; and she, being a lesser flea, rang some littler fleas in the Met to strongly advise that they do the same. Which they are now doing.

Having initially wondered why Dave would bother (apart from the chance of some lachrymose image repairs) I was then surprised to see the Prime Minister back-tracking over the last two days….insisting he hadn’t leaned on anyone, but merely ‘suggested’ they ‘might’ reopen the case. I was especially taken aback, because I know – categorically – that this is bollocks. Not only is it bollocks, Mr Cameron himself personally assured Gerry and Kate (they say) that the investigation “will come out of Home Office, not Police funds”. Not ‘might’ if it happens – will, when it does. This is an odd tense to use if you’re only doing the suggesting thing.
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