Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#hackgate #NOTW: Bertie Ahern and the WORLDS top phone tapper.

Former Irish ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern was a protégée of Charlie Haughey who was forced from government because of his phone tapping scandal.

Haughey was three times prime minister of Ireland but he was also a gunrunner who had helped wealthy people to evade their taxes and of course he took his cut, like a true Mafioso.

Haughey maintained constant eavesdropping on both allies and foes until he was run out of politics and then emerged the truth of how deep he was mired in corruption from tax evasion to embezzlement.

It later emerged that Haughey had helped Ireland’s top grocer to dodge tax and Tribunal lawyers discovered that Haughey had arranged a meeting between Ireland’s leading grocer and top tax inspectors.

These discussions resulted in the grocer’s tax bill being reduced by millions and the Tribunal found that it was not coincidental, and that it was a substantial benefit conferred on the grocer by Haughey’s actions.

All this skullduggery was studied by his protégé ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern.

We call Bertie Ahern ‘premier’ because that is the title conferred on him by Rupert Murdoch who made the petulant decision to make Ahern ‘premier’ of Ireland. (See Johnlifebooks blog https://johnlifebooks.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=57&action=edit

And apprentice Ahern learned the lesson from Haughey – always do your master’s bidding.

Not only was Rupert Murdoch allowed to establish a powerful media presence in Ireland, so powerful it could make or break a government, but his foot soldiers were given leeway to establish eavesdropping operations not only on the Irish but also on UK citizens and the British royal family.

News International’s Dublin headquarters was staffed by Alex Marunchak who formerly worked on the London newsdesk of the News Of The World.....read more