Monday, July 25, 2011

#AMAZONS fear of : #MurdochMafia now gives #McCanns 100% protection.

Well it is official, the McCanns are now 100% under the protection of the Murdoch Mafia. One of Americas top Criminal Profilers Pat Brown, has had her book withdrawn from Amazon, via one would assume Carter Ruck, the McCanns lawyers who have told her to change the title and it's content. From the links provided one can see the fear AMAZON has for MURDOCH and how he has threatened them in the past, they do as MURDOCH orders. Pats book, a kindle edition, contained a profile from the police files and what she believed may have happened to Madeleine. , this is her job to profile criminal cases. It would appear Murdoch is having none of it, and considers himself above the law as do the McCanns.

I shall write a strong letter to Amazon and will no longer purchase any of their products. A thesis of an abduction without a shred of evidence is not and never will be proof of an abduction. The McCanns and Murdoch deserve each other and by their actions today prove once again they have plenty to hide.