Sunday, May 13, 2012

#Leveson #Brooks : Journalist Paulo Reis Takes On News International

It is as clear as the nose on your face that the McCann's were hacked and an agreement was arranged between News International (Brooks) and the McCanns in return for non stop coverage of the 'Maddy Story' and I would imagine a rather large donation paid into  the fund.

The fabricated stories and hoax sightings published week after week in The News Of the World and the SUN were a dead give away.

The BBC accused Dr.Gonçalo Amaral of saying the word FUCK. Dr.Amaral does not speak  English and the BBC were slow to apologize when a Portuguese word was misunderstood by one of their dumb reporters, Mike O'Sullivan incorrectly.  However, that did not stop BROOKS running with the story even though she knew it was a blatant lie.

Now Brooks has involved  Scotland Yard's Andy Redwood, who has rather foolishly  spent the last week or so sitting on breakfast time sofas claiming Madeleine was abducted ! Has Brooks already told the MET how she would like the 'quasi review'  to end ? Have those at Leveson finally seen the light that something is going on between Brooks and the McCanns ? let us hope so.

Meanwhile, Portuguese journalist Paulo Reis has written a book due to be published December 2012 . The book promises to be explosive and will expose the smear campaign by the British media toward the people of Portugal but most importantly of all the Portuguese Police.

Paulo Reis has been threatened by McCann's lawyers Carter Ruck not to write any articles on the McCanns , for him I believe it was the last straw. AND yes the book will  be published in English. Rebekah Brooks will NOT have the last word nor will she use the SUN to rewrite history and change the fate of what really happened to Madeleine McCann.

The McCann War" - A detailed analysis of the British Media campaign against Portuguese Police