Saturday, May 5, 2012

#Leveson : #Murdoch Secret Of Shame - Private Eye News.

“WE HAVE never pushed our commercial interests in our newspapers.” So said Rupert Murdoch at the Leveson inquiry, speaking under oath. We must assume that either the DPP will prosecute him for perjury… or that incidents recorded in the Eye over the last 25 years have been complete coincidences.

Such as the “series of pieces examining the complex problem of deregulating television under headlines such as Smash The ITV Cartel” which we noted began appearing in Murdoch’s mid-market title Today at the time Mrs Thatcher was chairing a cabinet sub-committee on broadcasting in 1987.

Or the appearance of a puff-piece for Disney in the Sunday Times at the exact point, in 1988, when Sky TV was doing a deal with the company, negotiated by Sunday Times editor Andrew Neill, who was employed at the same time as executive chairman of Sky. Neill also recruited one Jonathan Miller to write a “Behind the Screens” column, which peddled some extremely Murdochian views of the TV industry in the early 1990s, without disclosing to readers that his previous job was as director of public affairs for Sky. more