Monday, January 9, 2012

#Leveson Inquiry : The JOKER On Hacking Dominic Mohan

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the wittiest of them all?

Piers Morgan and Dominic Mohan tried desperately to out-diva one another at last night's Princess Margaret Awards for Fleet Street's finest flyers, worst showbiz interviews and all round cock-ups. The Sun's showbiz editor Mohan gallantly nominated Mirror editor Morgan for the worst photo-opportunity award for his supersonic schmoozing of Sting on the Concorde relaunch flight, which made the front page of the Mirror. Fair enough, thought Monkey, remembering Morgan's gratified grin as he received champagne from the former Police frontman. But, as Morgan pointed out: "At least Sting is a full 10 years younger than your contacts." Mohan one, Morgan one.

What's the story

But Mohan couldn't resist a dig at his elderly rivals at the Mirror congratulating the paper's showbusiness editor, Kevin O'Sullivan, for making it out for "only the third time this year" to a club, "a club, Kevin, you know those places where you pick up stories".

Ring, a ring a story

How appropriate that the most glamourous event in the showbusiness calender should be sponsored by a phone company. Mohan went on to thank "Vodafone's lack of security" for the Mirror's showbusiness exclusives. Whatever does he mean?