Saturday, June 11, 2011

HACKGATE DAY 146 : Pressure's on Murdoch..but he could give a damn...

Cameron has everything to fear from what the Akers investigation finds out.

Socially intertwined with Rebekah of the Cotswolds and politically in debt over the BSkyB takeover, the potential for this scandal to blow the Coalition out of the water remains a real and present danger. Scurrilous gossips have also been offering tittle-tattle here and there (well, everywhere actually) about Wade and Cameron’s formerly shared interest in recreational stimulation. To be honest, such rumour is of little or no interest to me: my sole concern in this specific case of privacy invasion is to ensure that the real perpetrators go to jail – and above all else, no future British Prime Minister winds up in the pocket of a media baron, Murdoch or more