Friday, June 3, 2011

HACKGATE DAY 138: Race against time as Hunt gives outline approval to Newscorp’s BSkyB bid

Riming-Slange….will he beat the cops to it?

Evil on course for triumph

The FT seems to have beaten the field this morning, using insider confirmation to assert that Murdoch’s BSkyB takeover is as good as in the bag.

But there are still three things that can stop Newscorp. First, a public outcry so enormous that David Cameron is forced to heed it. Second, the BSkyB directors wanting a lot more for their shares than the Digger is prepared to give.

And third, the media and the Met Police coming up with yet more damning evidence to show that Newscorp is a corrupting, crooked, and dangerously powerful unelected factor in the political and social life of any country it infects.