Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terenia Taras: Arrested for phone hacking and all roads lead back to the McCanns!

Arrested woman believed to be Terenia Taras, ex-girlfriend of former News of the World news chief Greg Miskiw

One conicidence too many, Raymond Hewlett was to be the fall guy, the one who abducted Madeleine and at one time according to the McCanns PI's Metodo 3 , Mari Luz Cortez.

Two of Britain's most evil paedophiles are to be quizzed over the sex murder of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed 25 years ago-after new evidence was uncovered by the News of the World. The 11-year-old-known as Little Miss Chatterbox-was appallingly assaulted, knifed to death and left on moors. The News of the World has now linked the horror to pink-haired "Michael Horgan, Raymond Hewlett and a third man we are not naming.

A hardened detective, who keeps a photo of Lesley on his desk, has opened 148 new lines of inquiry into her murder as a result of our dossier. Det Chief Supt Max McLean glanced at the picture and said: "I've been looking at it for some time. This is a case that stirs you to want to do your best. Your dossier's been extremely helpful." Lesley, who had a heart defect, was killed in October 1975 while on an errand for her mum. She was sexually assaulted, knifed 12 times and dumped near her home town of Rochdale, Lancs. Educationally subnormal Stefan Kiszko was found guilty of the murder, but freed after 16 years when DNA evidence cleared him.