Thursday, December 22, 2011

#CNN #PiersMorgan's Credibility Flushed Down The Pan By Leveson's Jay !

Shifty Piers pays the price for his past mouthing-off

Will Paul McCartney now go to the police about the voicemail hack incident?

In a sharp and well-briefed interrogation by Robert Jay QC at the Leveson Inquiry this afternoon, Piers Morgan appeared to contradict himself several times, and ultimately was forced to fall back on evasiveness – “I don’t recall”, “I don’t believe so”, “I don’t remember saying that” and so forth. Trying to kick off by setting up a cocky debate with Jay, Morgan had to be rebuked twice by Leveson himself.

Morgan, faced with having said in the past “hacking is a bog-standard journalistic tool”, denied that he had known it was widespread at The Mirror. He was quoted as saying in 1997 that he “knew [hacking] was widespread”, but earlier in his evidence stated that he didn’t know “how to do the trick” until 2001. Having denied ever doing such things himself, the Kirsty Young transcript from Desert Island Discs showed clearly the use of “I” by Morgan on several occasions. On his sale of shares aka insider trading when at The Mirror, Jay caught Morgan out again about how much he’d invested in the shares – or rather, what he’d told the Mirror and the PCC. Questioned about ‘binology’ (raking through celebrity bins) The Romping Arse ludicrously suggested he hadn’t known the term until the Inquiry began, only to be faced with ample evidence that he knew the word perfectly well….having himself employed the notorious ‘Benjy the Binman’ more