Monday, December 19, 2011

#Leveson : Edward Smethurst #McCann Director Of The Fund - Carter Ruck Try And Screw A Member Of The Public For Exposing The Seedy Side Of A McCann Board Member ! AND Yes We Are Talking Paedophile Allegations Here !

Carter-Ruck were asking the Master to approve their ‘costs budget’. This set out, in a series of complex tables, how they had calculated their costs to date (£28,390) and their likely future costs (£143,086.50), which totalled £171, 476.50.

Discussion about Carter-Ruck’s costs bill took up most of the 1¾ hour hearing. The Master queried the very high amount of costs in Carter-Ruck’s budget. The end result was that Carter-Ruck’s costs budget schedule, most unusually, was rejected by the Master, who ordered Carter-Ruck at their own expense to submit another one. Carter-Ruck were given leave to appeal if they wished.

10/12/2011 at 11:04 am
This really needs to be sent to the Judge. Smethurst’s lawyer has lied ON OATH. It makes me wonder what other lies that have been told by this slimy shower!