Monday, December 19, 2011

#Leveson #Sun - #McCanns Admit Giving The Children ....

Of course the SUN hacked the McCanns and if someone looks in the right place they will discover more 'HUSH' fund money. The SUN claim the McCanns admitted to giving the children....WHAT...what did the SUN hear through hacking the McCanns on sedating their children ????? something that made them cough up and BLOCK articles online related to sedation the month of September 2007.

The Sun posed the question directly to Kate McCann: “Did you sedate. Maddie?”

Articles of this nature have of course been removed from the SUN, a deal with Murdoch very early on it would appear !

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    8 Sep 2007 – The McCanns managed without a car until 25 days after Maddie vanished. ...DID you sedate Madeleine?” The McCanns admit giving the children ...

    The tide of public opinion has now started to turn against the family from Rothley. "Did you sedate Maddie?," asks The Sun, the notorious British tabloid, referring to the speculation that Kate McCann, a doctor, may have given her daughter an overdose of a sedative. The McCanns say the accusation is "completely ludicrous."