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Jonathan Miller D2mac : Murdoch Sky/News Corp/NDC/Videoguard digital monopoly.


What light can Jonathan Miller shed on the leaking of the D2mac source code into the public domain?.
He was once public affairs director in London and Brussels for Sky Television and was after all involved in the successful campaign to persuade the European Commission to ditch D2mac which coincidentally paved the way for a virtual Murdoch Sky/News Corp/NDC/Videoguard digital monopoly.
What was the involvement of NDS in which Murdoch's News Corp has a majority stake (read majority owned subsidiary) and what was the involvement of NDS with Christopher Tarnovsky, Marcus Kuhn, Jan Saggiori and Boris Floricic?.

What is known of the death of Floricic in 1998 when he was found hanging from a tree in a Berlin with his feet still on the ground?.
 Among Floricic's papers his father found an NDS letter from July 12th 1998 which read "Hello Boris here are the analog devices good luck."
Floricic had published a paper about hacking smartcards with Marcus Kuhn from the University of Erlangen. In 1999 Kuhn wrote with Oliver Kommerling a detailed synopsis of smart card hacking.

Kommerling said he had worked as a consultant for NDS from 1996 recruiting and training people such as Christopher Tarnovsky.
Two postings to a UK BBS from 1995 which were signed Christopher Tarnovsky were found by an Australian press group asking for help hacking the D2mac encryption algo in which he said "I have the source to single and dual chip versions but the packet structure is still unknown".
The leak eventually enabled Peter Jonasson from Malmo to later write the Multimac decryption software for D2mac/Eurocrypt M/S/S2 which was then followed by numerous other more complex software versions containing the hacked D2mac algo.

In 1998 hackers across Europe recieved notices to cease and desist from lawyers SchutGrosheide NV Amsterdam after they were given the Irdeto, Nagra and SECA source codes to 'play with' by a kind benefactor in the industry via
NDS confirmed at one point that an NDS employee (their UK head of security Ray Adams) had paid several thousand pounds into the bank account of the bloke who ran the 'Thoic/House of ill compute' web site.
Ironically, not all that long after all the major encryption systems had been compromised including ITV Digital but excluding Sky Tv's Videoguard, closed down in 2001.
ITV Digital went into administration in April 2002 and the screens went black on May 1st 2002.
At at 7am to be exact.
The Seca mediaguard encryption system was totally hacked and ITV Digital hemorrhaged money as a result.

It was reported by Datamonitor 13/03/02 that: Quote; "NDS has financial links between its British arm and, a web-site closed last year which openly distributed smart-card codes pirated from Canal+ technology.
Krishna Rao, analyst at Datamonitor, reports allegations that a senior figure responsible for security at NDS and also a board member of a pan-European industry action group set-up to combat piracy, has directly passed funds into the personal bank account of the founder of
If proven to be true, this would provide a strong basis for a heavyweight ongoing legal battle - likely to damage the interactive TV business by throwing doubt upon its security".

Regards: Sathacker...


Definitely I had NO INVOLVMENT with NDS.

And for this, they attacked me with only lies in front of the judge in USA. What will you do with a Billion company against you ? Just a "deal" promising to never do what you never done... all this because I exposed NDS on Nagra and Mediaguard piracy activity... so they tried to shut up me.

Take a look here :

Jan Saggiori

Quoting : "Jan Saggiori, a Swiss hacker accused of helping Huddleston and the Bulgarians, also settled by promising not to hack DirecTV technology.

But Saggiori says he never hacked the access card, and the lawsuit was a ploy by NDS to get him to work for it. "If you don't want to work for them, they hit you to force you to work for them," he wrote in an email Wednesday to the Post-Dispatch.

An NDS spokeswoman could not be reached for comment."