Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leveson: Guardian's Hacker David Leigh Tries To Defend His Pathetic Backside !

The phone hacking scandal has been a farce from beginning to end. Freemason Leveson has kissed the hem of war criminal Tony Blair .  The Guardians phonehacker David Leigh when not stabbing Julian Assange in the back believes he is above the law. The McCanns who are still the ONLY suspects in the disappearnce of their daughter have been given the right by Leveson to decide what is and what is not to be published in Britains gutter mainstream media.

The real victims who will never see justice are Daniel Morgan and Maddie McCann because those in power choose not  to open that can of worms, too many corrupt heads would roll. So Maddie will remain in her shallow watery unmarked grave along with the blessing of Freemason Leveson her parents fraudulent fund may continue. Daniel Morgan's mum will die without justice for her son though Dan's brother Al, will fight on...until the day he can fight no more!