Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Leveson Inquiry : Conclusions - Module 4 And The Dodgy Core Participants.

Did we really expect any other outcome where freemasons are concerned?

Freemason Leveson invited to waste tax payers money because he was a good friend of Cameron's and Murdoch's...The charade ended as it had begun protecting two criminals and a fraudulent fund now so corrupt that ALL three are above the law ...the McCanns.

Module 4 Core Participants.

1) Hugh Grant - Who objected to being exposed shagging a prostitutre.

2) Gerry McCann - May have murdered his own daughter - British profiler Lee Rainbow said 'McCann must be investigated we may be looking at a homicide'....Leveson has no interest in  the Portuguese investigation and the damning results that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the McCann's are indeed involved in the disappearance of their daughter.

3) Bob Dowler : Milly Dowlers father  - His interests certainly may have played a role in Milly's death...however, they did not . BUT unlike the McCann's he was not granted such protection from the media...The McCann paedophile connection still slapped to this day under a superinjunction . Madeleine may have been raped and murdered by a member of her holiday  group, there is certainly enough evidence in the police files to suggest this was a possibilty for there is not a shred of evidence an abduction took place......

Freemason connections like the murder of Daniel Morgan cover up such unpleasantness.

4)Max Mosley : I leave you to draw your own conclusions...