Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ian Burrell: So much for the theory of a 'rogue reporter'

Thursday, 27 January 2011

With its dismissal of Ian Edmondson, News International abandoned the mantra it has chanted for four years: that phone hacking carried out by the News of the World was the work of a "rogue reporter". That was the line from January 2007, when the paper's royal editor, Clive Goodman, was jailed for illegally intercepting the royal household's messages.
Andy Coulson, the paper's editor, agreed to resign while denying any knowledge of illegal activities. He didn't go straight away – when Goodman was jailed, Coulson simply promised to make a donation to a charity chosen by the royal princes. Four years later, dozens of alleged victims of the hacking – almost all high-profile figures – have lodged legal actions against Rupert Murdoch's News Corp empire in the High Court.
The rogue reporter theory is in tatters. Goodman did not act alone. His co-defendant, Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator, contributed to 609 calls made to the phones of royal staff. But Mulcaire's £105,000-a-year contract was not authorised by the rogue reporter but by Greg Miskiw. Mr Miskiw would argue that he knew nothing of Mulcaire's methods, just as Mr Edmondson, who succeeded Mr Miskiw as head of the newsroom in late 2005, has maintained he is innocent of any involvement in phone hacking. But News International decided yesterday to fire Mr Edmondson, who was suspended from his role as assistant editor (news) in December.
Scotland Yard, which reopened its investigation yesterday, will examine fresh information along with documentation that includes Mulcaire's notes marked "For Clive", "For Ian" and "For Greg".
In December, the Crown Prosecution Service abandoned an investigation into allegations that Mr Coulson was personally involved in phone hacking as editor of the News of the World. But the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, announced this month that the CPS was conducting "a comprehensive assessment of the material in the possession of the Met... following developments in the civil courts".
Last week Mr Coulson resigned as director of communications for the Prime Minister. He still denied involvement in phone hacking.
News International's position has changed. One reporter, Dan Evans, was suspended last year on allegations of fresh phone hacking. He remains suspended. Yesterday the company concluded its inquiry into Mr Edmondson by sacking him. "News International reiterates that it will take swift and decisive action when we have proof of wrongdoing," it stated. The rogue reporter theory no longer holds water.

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  • Zamindar 0 minutes ago
    How much did the Labour party know and how close were they to the Media during all this ? We are talking about events that happened during their tenure. Allegations of skulduggery in this matter reflect badly on them (as does the state of the economy).
  • daddison2 20 minutes ago
    Makes you wonder if the MET was involved as well.
  • DeclanAhern 27 minutes ago
    The theory of 'the rogue reporter'was put together by Andy Hayman, the Met police officer who conducted the original inquiry.

    When the police had evidence of thousands of people who had their communications intercepted, why was Andy Hayman able to state that only a handful of people were involved?

    What REALLY went on during the original investigation of News International?

    What were the circumstances that led to the resignation of Andy Hayman from the Met and his subsequent employment by News International?

    Why were the Met then able to conduct a second investigation lead by John Yates that also reviewed the evidence and still failed to acknowledge that thousands of individuals were involved rather than just a handful?

    Now the Met are to open a third inquiry, but do they have any credibility left?

    The Met officer appointed to head the latest inquiry is DAC Sue Akers whose record does not create confidence. Her gaffes include meeting the top police marksmand and greeting hm with the commet;

    "I've always wanted to meet the Met's very own serial killer."

    Perturbed at her total lack of professionalism he made an official complaint and was awarded STG 5,000 in damages.

    Her other relations with colleagues include her stating that Detective Chief Inspector Philip Wheeler, who was involved in the investigation surrounding the death of Victoria Climbie, was a liar. She was subsequently force to withdraw that statement.

    Is DAC Sue Akers really the best person to lead the third investigation?
  • biarritz 39 minutes ago
    Rebekah Brooks admitted at a Parliamentary selct Committe meeting that they paid the Police. Coulson shut her up. She REFUSED to attend the next meeting, MP Tom Watson says he was then 'warned off' pursuing it and told Brooks would 'come after him.'
    Is she knew about payments to the Police WHAT ELSE DID SHE KNOW?
    How frequebtly does she have dinner with our Prime Minister?
  • MunkeyNots 58 minutes ago
    Ah, getting a little closer to the truth then ... rogue press? Rogue bankers? Rogue government? Rogue media?

    The truth is out there and corruption is immutable. What's new?
  • Trevigiano 1 hour ago
    Even Madonna, even after millions records sold, accepted to be just like a virgin but not completely, may be Ian can learn something.
  • Vince Cable, right in both spirit and law.

    Just focused on the wrong target, it is legit to own a multi media empire, it is not legit to use it to break the law for personal gain.

    Just needs to keep his mouth shut until the right moment.

    Timing in life is everything.
  • maurice12brady 5 hours ago
    Anybody who expects a 'result' from this sham exposé --- is in for a severe disappointment! News International & their accomplices have had plenty of time to 'gift-wrap' Ian Edmondson. Cameron & Coulson are to be 'shielded' (BBC reporter's words!) Some inquiry by 'plod' when chief suspects are excluded! --- Expect further expressions of outrage & denigration of the Yard (Met) in the months to come!
  • georgefripley 5 hours ago
    Really JuniperBerry? Are those the only berries you have been consuming?
  • You attack my username in an unoriginal fashion and offer nothing else.
    Perhaps you make my point better than i do !
  • JuniperBerry 5 hours ago
    When have the "press" not been right wing ?
    When have they not been above and beyond the law ?
    Which world are so many of you living ?

    The battle won't be fought here and cannot be won here.
    The comments sections of online newspapers are occupied by the right wing.
    That will be done on the streets,this spring and summer.
    Join us !
    Throw away this "real life sham" of a news media.
    This is not a democracy.
    If you want a better life,if you want a fair,democratic electorial system,if you want social justice,if you want a full stop to wars you don't agree with,et al.

    Take your money,whatever you have,out of the banks.
    Stop spending on things you would like to have.
    You need to put your money where your mouth is.
    If you are not happy,stop spending,start demonstrating.

    It's the economy,stupid !

    Attack it,then you become a threat.
    If you don't,you will be contained to the comments section of an online "news" paper.

    It's about to get very nasty.

    You don't have a free press,you don't live in a democracy,you don't count.
    They don't even count you correctly when you do demonstrate !

    Remember,the comments section here and elsewhere is an extention of "their"
    freedom of expression.
    The real discusion is taking place elsewhere.
    (Edited by author 5 hours ago)
  • Oooh, aren't you the little firebrand. " The real discussion is taking place elsewhere". Right. So, tell you what, JuniperBerry, why don't you get yourself " elsewhere" and suss out what's going " down". From your comment you are aware you are wasting your time here, so: git, git, git... Follow your leads..... Good luck! Stay safe!
  • Have you cleared that comment with your leader ?
  • How much have you had? Several things can make you paranoid. I am not sure what your issue is here....
  • Do you really think The Independent or The Guardian are left leaning newspapers ?

    Ask Susan if you have any difficulty.
  • I think they are left leaning. Whatever that means in today's political self- centredness... Who's Susan?
  • emuchaser 5 hours ago
    all the brilliant detective genius's that have ever been on this case should be sacked immediately, they've failed in their job title at the first hurdle, with a total lack of detect.

    do all criminals get this much help and understanding from the police ?
  • tomkyle 6 hours ago
    Not a word from you, Mr Burrell on the PM's role in all of this? He is in cahoots with the Murdoch Empire like no other. Why don't you do a thorough summary of what has happened so far?
  • susangalea 6 hours ago
    No wonder Vince Cable had to go. Dave would have nothing upset Rupert. Now we have the * unt fellow delaying for Rupert to get everything sorted and prove his bona fides and that that he does not pose a threat to competition in the media market!!! Murdoch poses a threat to our democracy as the puppet master of our politicians never mind turning many journalists into Murdoch stooges or automatons.
  • Well,Vince didn't go he just went half cocked.
    Which is not bad considering his age and two juvenile media fannys winking at him.
    (Edited by author 5 hours ago)
  • " Well, Vince didn't go he just went half cocked" Read this slowly. See what I mean?
  • headtheball 7 hours ago
    The rogue reporter theory never did hold water. Just a minion thrown to the lions. There is much, much more to come out in this story.
  • If Murdoch's tentacles were not firmly wrapped around our government we may have a chance of this unravelling and being exposed in all its ugly tawdriness. But with Call Me Dave still lauding, shielding and adulating at the Murdoch throne, who knows?