Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#hackgate #Freemason MP Elliott Morley out of prison after serving a small amount of his jail term !


Disgraced former Freemason MP Elliot Morley has lost his �3,000 Rolex
after he wasaulted by a fellow prisoner.

The former Freemason Minister, who was jailed for 16 months for his part
in the MPs' expenses scandal, was set upon at Ford Prison in West

The attack took place last month after Brother Elliot Morley, 59, was
approached in one of the corridors of 'Billet H1', the wing on which he
is being held.

The Freemason former minister was forced to hand over his prized Rolex
watch worth �3000.

According to sources at the open jail, he wasaulted and then
frogmarched to his cell, where he was ordered to hand over his treasured
watch which was kept, along with his other possessions, in a lock-up

An internal investigation into the incident has begun and his attacker
has been transferred to another, more secure prison as punishment.

A few of the prisoners heard he was in possession of an expensive watch
and decided to pick on him.

One of them approached him and made it clear he was to hand over the
watch or he would be hurt.

'He was roughed up a bit and then taken to his cell, where he had to
hand over the watch.

None of the other prisoners could believe Brother Elliot Morley been
stupid enough to bring a Rolex into the prison.'

The former Environment Minister and Freemason MP for Scunthorpe was
earning �7 a week in the prison workshop, but now is working as a

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said: 'An HMP Ford prisoner
was the victim of a minorault.

He sustained no injuries and the perpetrator has been dealt with
appropriately. We understand an item was removed from a prisoner's room
at HMP Ford.'

Prison sources say the governor of Ford Prison, Sharon Williams, ordered
the jail to be 'locked down' for a few hours after the incident on 6
July 2011, stopping anyone from entering or leaving as officers searched
for the attacker and missing watch.

Despite the capture of the culprit, it is believed Freemason Brother
Morley's Masonic Rolex has yet to be returned.

Speaking from the family home in Scunthorpe, Freemason Brother Elliot
Morley's wife Patricia said: 'I don't want to talk about what happened.

'He is fine now. He wasn't hurt. I don't want to discuss this,
especially after what has happened to us.'

Freemason Brother Elliot Morley, who served as Fisheries Minister from
1997 to 2003, was found guilty on two counts of false accounting in May

Brother Morley was moved to the Category D open prison less than a month
after his conviction for expenses fraud, having initially been sent to
Category B Wandsworth Prison in South London.

Freemason Brother Morley was 'fast-tracked' into more comfortable
circumstances owing to his Masonic connections.

Brother Morley was imprisoned in May 2011 for claiming for mortgage
interest on his second home after the loan had been repaid.

While at Wandsworth Prison, he briefly shared a cell with Tory peer Lord
Taylor, who is serving a year for expenses fraud.

Freemason Brother Elliot Morley tried to escape justice by claiming the
courts had no right to prosecute an MP over his expenses and refused to
resign as an MP.

Freemasons claim all their critics and victims are suffering from
paranoid schizophrenia.


Praise be to Jahbulon, holy god of Royal Arch Freemasons


Former environment minister Elliot Morley has been freed from prison where he was serving a sentence for expenses fraud