Thursday, September 22, 2011

#hacking : Sienna Miller Hackings heroine..

Until now, the actress has not spoken about her legal battle with the News of the World. She breaks her silence to tell Jemima Khan about the paranoia that led to accusations against her family, and why she had to make a stand

The role of retribution: Actress Sienna Miller
The role of retribution: Actress Sienna Miller
They sit in their cars, faceless and nameless, cowards hiding behind this big lens, which is Freudian enough in itself, and they steal from women..." Sienna Miller is referring to the paparazzi, who she says made her life intolerable for years. She was door-stepped, spat at, verbally abused, harassed and stalked every night by groups of men who made it their business to be as hostile, frightening and provocative as possible. She was under constant surveillance. "It got to the point where I was agoraphobic. I didn't want to leave my house."

These days she is left alone. No one followed her to the bar in London's Connaught Hotel where she now sits beside me, shoes off, legs folded, tiny in a leather armchair, all golden and smiley and the personification of pretty. There were no men lurking outside her house when she left. She can now travel on the Tube, walk her dog in the park and visit her friends unhindered. She rarely features in the red tops or celebrity weeklies anymore and not because she has become any less riveting to the public.

After she waged war on, and won a restraining order against Big Pictures, Britain's biggest employer of paparazzi, her life changed in an instant. "From one day to the next I went from feeling hunted and paranoid and terrified and insecure, to no one harassing me." ... read more