Monday, September 26, 2011

#hackgate RELATED ? Keith Vaz Researcher's Computer And An iPad Stolen Last May.

News via twitter, suggestions this burglary may have had something to do with hackgate. Only Mr.Vaz will know if information on his researchers computer relates. I hope Tom Watson mentions this to Mr.Vaz.

Commons security fears after thieves raid Keith Vaz office

A house of Commons security row has erupted after a spate of burglaries on the eve of President Obama's state visit to Parliament, the Evening Standard has learned.

In the latest breach, the high-profile chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz, returned to his office last night to find his researcher's computer and an iPad had been stolen.

Former minister Mr Vaz, who heads backbench inquiries into policing and security, is one of Westminster's most senior figures and privy to highly sensitive information.
However, thieves strolled into his private office while he was at a Commons reception, even though it is in a corridor reserved for senior MPs.

The MP in the next door office lost a laptop at the same time and has previously had his passport stolen from his desk. However, there were no video cameras in the area to record who might have been responsible.

One MP said: "If thieves can take away a laptop with nobody noticing, they could also plant a package. Clearly security needs to be tightened up."

Mr Vaz confirmed his office was entered while he was attending an awards ceremony between 7pm and 10pm.

"There is quite rightly a large police operation taking place outside the building for the protection of President Obama," he said. "The worry is that if thieves can operate within the building, then outsiders may be able to compromise the security operation."

The Commons is protected by airport-style security screening at all its entrances.

However, there have been a series of lapses where protesters have got in.

Insiders say that MPs themselves have resisted having video cameras installed because they want to protect their privacy. But now some are calling for a rethink.