Friday, October 14, 2011

#Hackgate #Dowler #Media #Piracy !

Snipped - the deletion of a message to Milly Dowler.

The Elimination of the messages also caused difficulties for the police to confuse the image when they had few leads to pursue. Also potentially useful evidence had been destroyed.

According to a high source familiar with the investigation of the Surrey Police: “can happen with murders of abduction which the author is going to leave messages, asking for the missing person to get in touch, as part of its efforts at concealment”. We need these messages as evidence. “It destroys the evidence is seriously to interfere with the course of an investigation by the police.”

The document did little to hide the piracy of their readers. On 14 April 2002 allegedly published an article about a woman pretending to be Dowler Milly, who had applied for a job with a recruitment agency: “the forger is believed even gave the actual number of Milly Agency…” Uses of the number Agency to communicate with Milly arose a job vacancy and left a message on the voicemail… was on March 27seis days more afternoon was lack of Milly “Employment agency seems to have phoned to your mobile phone.”

The newspaper also made no effort to hide their activity from the Surrey Police. Once had hacked the phone Milly recruitment agency message, the document reported to police.

It was detectives in Surrey, which established that the call was not destin
ADA Milly Dowler. At the time, the Surrey Police suspicion that phones belonging to detectivesand Milly parents were also attacked.
One of which he was involved in the original investigation, it said: “organize phone calls”. “We do not trust our mobile” more