Sunday, October 2, 2011

#hackgate : Tom Watson - A Message From ALL Those Who Want The Truth

A message from Steve Nott to Tom Watson MP....I guess it is a message from us ALL who want the truth , I am therefore placing Steve's message, along with the link to Hackergate where you may read Steve's story in full. 

Message for Tom Watson - the public have a lot of trust in you and feel that you could be the man that could push this along. Your recent comments about saying The Sun newspaper needs investigating is all well and good but you're missing a massive part of the phone hacking story here.....The Daily Mirror. You said you were prepared to go down with a fight no matter what it takes, even if it meant you losing your job in Parliament with any smear campaigns from the press. If the Daily Mirror has something on you - then are you the man strong enough to fight them also - at the moment you have the public on your side. It's the public that will help you through this and don't you forget that. Your name will go down in history if you fight a whole battle but only fighting half a battle will get you the wrong reputation. I've been fighting this battle on my own and with no help. I know how tough it is. The only thing with me is that the newspapers have nothing on me because I'm just  'Joe Public'. Tom, please do this for us and not for them. End of message.