Thursday, December 8, 2011

#Hackgate : Bell Pottinger Boss Appointed By Rebekah Brooks

The high-profile executive at the centre of the News of the World phone-tapping controversy has appointed the boss of Nintendo’s UK PR firm to handle her media needs going forwards.

BrandRepublic reports that Bell Pottinger boss David Wilson will handle all press enquiries for Brooks following her arrest at the weekend and her upcoming appearance in front of MPs.
“I was called on Saturday by Rebekah’s lawyer Stephen Parkinson to make sure that her position is communicated clearly during a time that is obviously very traumatic for her,” Wilson said.

“There’s been no talk of the contract being long-term – although at the moment I am working fulltime in the role.”

Wilson was also involved in a PR capacity in the team who handled thae aftermath of the Madeleine McCann abduction.

Other Bell Pottinger clients include Cadbury, Emirates, HP, Kelloggs, McAfee, Vodafone and Visa.
One heart consultant and his locum GP wife, who’s three year old daughter disappeared under mysterious circumstances, have close relations with at least one ex-PM; UK’s current PM; Governments ex-media monitoring unit boss Clarence Mitchell; Bell Pottinger, Caplan QC; UK’s top libel lawyers Carter Ruck; deceased English broadcaster, writer, politician and chef Sir Clement Freud; they have the support of the Murdoch empire via his publication the Daily Sun…and now news is filtering through of resignations in the upper ecelons of the Scotland Yard and of course the death of the former News of the World reporter who was the first to allege that Andy Coulson knew phone hacking was taking place Sean Hoare

What the hell is going on?