Thursday, February 9, 2012

#Leveson :#Telegraph - Elaine #Decoulos -Schroder Estate Stalker Banned - The Telegraph BAD Journalism fail To Spell The Name DECOULOS

Baron Bruno Schroder, head of the Schroders banking dynasty, went to court to stop Elaine de Coulis trespassing and threatening him and his companion, Baroness Suzanna von Maltzahn.
Baron Schroder, 70, is concerned Miss de Cullis will try to gain access to his mansion, Dunlossit House, in the Hebridean island of Islay, and be threatening or violent.
An interdict against Miss de Coulis was granted at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. The background to the case was not explained.
The baron and baroness said in a statement to the court that they had been sent letters by the woman in which she made false allegations of phone bugging, harassment and vandalism.
"The letters have caused considerable distress and concern and comprise material which is false, scurrilous, intimidating and plainly threatening with the potential implication of physical violence," they stated

Miss de Coulis, formerly of Boxford, Massachusetts, was said to have arrived in Islay last weekend and had displayed an "inappropriate interest" in the couple and in gaining access to Dunlossit House.