Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#CashForCameron And #Skygate Sparks A Bitter War !

  • Skygate and CashforCameron scandals set stage for open conflict between HMG and the Murdoch mafia
The ‘No honour among thieves’ maxim is perhaps the best way to describe the current conflict between HM Government and the Murdoch mafia.

At the weekend, the Sunday Times revealed a donations scandal at the heart of the Tory Party and Rupert Murdoch called for an “inquiry with consequences”. Obviously not thinking of the Leveson farce…

But the demand for an inquiry coming from Murdoch and his Sunday Times, embroiled in Fraudgate corruption, is completely hollow and does the CashforCameron scandal a great disservice.

Panorama’s ‘TV Pirates’ hit back at Murdoch on Monday and landed News Corp with its biggest headache to date in the multi-layered corruption scandal unraveling on the world stage. Medusa pales by comparison.

Many people have drawn the conclusion that the CashforCameron revelation in the Sunday Times was a mere revenge attack but one that has caused the Prime Minister deep embarrassment.

The desire in the Tory Party now is to strike back at the Murdoch mafia that helped put them in power before Hackgate erupted.

Cameron has the power through Ofcom to end News Corp’s domination of BSkyB and likely send Murdoch out of the UK permanently. If Murdoch loses control of BSkyB, it is indubitable that the board of News Corp will move to unseat him.

Murdoch of course, could unseat David Cameron first if he uses the dirt in his past. MI5 uncovered a ‘dark secret’ about Cameron but refused to disclose the damning material.

 Is the ‘dark secret’ about narcotics or what Cameron claims was an approach by the KGB?

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