Thursday, March 29, 2012

#Leveson: #C4 News - Shocking Revelations Tonight

Private investigators and bent cops have been accessing police computer system and erasing/changing data

Watch C4 News 7.00pm C4, 8.00pm C4+1 for dramatic revealtions of corruption and pervesrion of justice by MAFIA style groups in the UK..

In a cascade of scandalous revelation tonight's on channel 4 News at 7.00pm is one of the most serious and far reaching.

SOCA report highly secret: C4 News has seen it and organised crime's penetration of police Computers via Private Tecs and bent cops is huge

Reports SOCA report from 2008 shows material was being deleted from police databases -

Q:  why ? sat on by Home Office?

Home Office has sat on the secret SOCA report into organised crime links to Police and private investigators for 3 years

Ex   told "There were occasions where cases involved officers removing evidence, destroying eveidence"

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