Thursday, September 8, 2011

#Hackgate #Israel without #Murdoch...and media blackout for Tony Blairs peace prize !

Snippet from article.

For Israel and the Jewish community however, the fading or possible fading of Murdoch’s star should serve as a stark wakeup call and reminder that fair treatment of Israel by significant media outlets is never a matter that can be taken for granted.

Even before this scandal, concern over News Corp’s future should have given pause to Jewish leaders, as Murdoch senior is aging, his heirs apparent are of questionable competence, and the second largest News Corporation shareholder Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal may have different ideas.

Consider for a moment what would remain of media objectivity regarding Israel related matters with News Corporation’s assets weakened or sold off. Likely is will be reduced to incessant clubbing from such enlightened Middle East experts as Thomas Friedman, Karl Vick, Peter Beinart and others.

For too long have the Jewish people left the matter of their communication with the world at large in the hands of others, subject to their whims, manipulations and foreign agendas.

Yes, the Jewish community has built a number of thriving news organizations; in fact there are more Jewish newspapers in New York than tabloids in London, but most are insular, about Jews, for Jews, by Jews. But when it comes to broadcasting Jewish ideas, positions and thoughts to the wider general public they have failed dismally.

Who will assure that Israel’s narrative will be told amid the cacophony of Middle East voices?

The Jewish people have rebuilt their homeland, they have drafted a defense force, they have contributed significantly to technology, medicine, science and spirituality, but in the arena of public opinion, in the battleground of ideas, they have yet to make their mark.

Israel has been fortunate in recent years to have been fairly treated by Murdoch and News Corporation.

Of course as a matter of gratitude, decency and self-respect the Jewish community can only stand by him through this difficult time, offering support, if only moral, and publically assuming his innocence until proven otherwise.

In the meantime the call has gone out to fair minded entrepreneurs to explore this market gap in Jewish communication guided by the legacy of an industry giant.