Thursday, September 8, 2011

#hackgate Jonathan Rees who walked 'free' ..was on Coulson payroll !

A private investigator acquitted of one of Britain's longest unsolved murders had extensive links with corrupt police officers and was being paid thousands of pounds to supply information to the News of the World under the editorship of former Downing Street spin doctor Andy Coulson.

Jonathan Rees, who walked free from the Old Bailey after his trial for the murder of his business partner collapsed due to Scotland Yard failures, was rehired by Rupert Murdoch's Sunday newspaper despite being sentenced to six years' imprisonment for plotting to plant cocaine in a former model's car.

The Guardian reported last night that it had written to Mr Coulson prior to his appointment to Downing Street in 2010 asking him to comment on the decision to hire Mr Rees.

The paper said that Prime Minister David Cameron was also made aware of the private investigator's record and his employment by the NoW before he gave Mr Coulson a job as his spokesman. more