Saturday, September 17, 2011

#Hackgate #MET #Enfield: MET help cover up the ENFIELD CRIME SQUAD SCANDAL '

It's being heralded as ' The biggest police scandal in decades'.  It started with a report in February saying that NINE POLICE OFFICERS were suspended from the Enfield Crime Squad.  TWO MORE OFFICERS were placed on restrictive duties and the others suspected of ' mishandling of property.'

However, the situation has been discovered to be far worse and SIX OFFICERS have been accused of ' torture to suspects ' assault and falsifying evidence.  It is said that the Officers were on drugs raids when these offences occurred.  This kind of behaviour by police was claimed to be ' no more' and will never happen again.  All six officers including a DETECTIVE SERGEANT are now under a corruption investigation, which includes theft by police and fabricating evidence against suspects. 

However, we can reveal more about THE ENFIELD POLICE, that would have pointed to something rotten being in place a lot earlier, which was ignored by the Met.  This same station were involved in a little known incident involving Police Constable Jackson 214 and Police Constable Dale 220, and Police Inspector Dewale who actively stonewalled inquiries into why these two officers were trying to fit up a motorist on the North Circular.  The two officers maintained their authority until they found out that they had been 'taped ' by the motorist, at which point they hurried away.  Inspector Dewale would not cooperate and was reported under the complaints procedure at Finchley Police Station.  

 Nothing more was heard of this, it was suppressed.