Saturday, September 17, 2011

#hackgate #metfail #MET Paul Stephenson..THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE JUDGES AND COPS

Roselane Driza: cleared of blackmail and theft

ROSELANE DRIZA exposed two judges -- after she found videos which showed him having sex with the other, both paid her £20,000 compensation not to reveal this. 

She was charged with blackmail and stealing the videos.  There was a trial in which she was jailed for 33 months, the judge in the film retired quickly and disappeared, the other judge went into hiding, because she was seen taking cocaine in the film.

Driza worked as a cleaner to the judge, and she threatened to report him to the Lord Chancellor because of the way he twisted things and had her arrested. 

She has now issued a writ for damages against the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson for malicious prosecution and false arrest. This comes after her conviction was overturned and quashed on appeal because the CPS say the main two witnesses -- the two judges, were too ill to give evidence? 

The case if it is made public, is set to throw quite a scare into the judiciary, police and CPS as it will reveal a web of sex and intrigue and cover up involving all three.