Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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News International’s Dublin headquarters was staffed by Alex Marunchak who formerly worked on the London newsdesk of the News Of The World.

He had been promoted by Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International and known as Rupert Murdoch’s ‘fifth daughter’.

Alex Marunchak set up an extensive phone tapping operation for the News Of The World and ran it from Dublin.

He is a Ukrainian who has spent most of his working life with the News Of The World.
But in the 1990s before coming to Ireland Alex Marunchak had a second job while full time working for the News Of The World.

He was also employed as an interpreter for the UK’s Metropolitan Police.

Some may find it bizarre that a News Of The World snooper was also hired to translate for victims, witnesses and suspects of UK crimes who could not speak English.

Of course Alex Marunchak had to be vetted and of course he signed the UK’s Official Secrets Act.

But there was little vetting in Dublin and he was given free run to set up an elaborate phone tapping operation for News Of The World, which not only scanned UK politicians, business people and celebrities but also eavesdropped on the British royal family.

The question now for Irish citizens to ask is what was Alex Marunchak’s relationship with Bertie Ahern.

Mr. Ahern became a columnist for the News Of The World earning some €100,000 a year.
Bertie Ahern cannot write. He was phoned up by the News Of The World office in Dublin, bladdered away and a News International reporter transcribed it into English.

But Bertie Ahern was a regular attendant at News International business and social events.
Mr. Ahern habitually attended the News Of The World Christmas parties.

Can Mr. Ahern truthfully say he never worked for Alex Marunchak, or will he deny ever meeting Alex Marunchak?

Former Irish ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern has questions to answer about his working relationship with Rupert Murdoch and the tax regime News International enjoyed in the Republic but also Mr. Ahern must now come clean about Alex Marunchak who ran a massive phone tapping operation from Dublin for the News Of The World that eavesdropped on UK politicians, celebrities, ordinary citizens and the British royal family while they were in the UK and possibly the USA. http://johnlifebooks.wordpress.com/