Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hackgate #Whittamore and the AGENDA.

The actions of Whittamore are clear , he worked for ALL newspapers, hacking, blagging was common practice. The AGENDA is clear 'Get MURDOCH' there is no interest whatsoever in the fact the corrupt MET are run by freemasons nor was there mention at the time when Cameron wanted Bill Bratton he was  a racist and a freemason. Yates and Stephenson have been allowed to walk who are most probably also freemasons.

The information about hacking has been known for a long time, years even and this looks to me more like Gordon Brown using his good friend Tom Watson, who lets be frank has heated his balls by telling him 'Blair told me to tell you to lay off the Murdoch's'. Blair then Brown covered up for the McCanns and the death of their child, Murdoch 'cleared' their name through the media when in fact they have not been cleared at all.

They are all so up to their necks in it they can no longer smell it.

Brown wants revenge for Murdochs betrayal and Tom Watson is going to get it for him.