Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#hacking : A lost deal by Brian Cathcart

One of the minor oddities in all the accumulated evidence about phone hacking is a remark made at the Old Bailey on 26 January 2007, when Glenn Mulcaire was sentenced to six months in jail. Almost casually, it seemed, Mr Justice Gross observed that the private investigator had had other collaborators at the News of the World besides the royal editor, Clive Goodman.

That is not a controversial proposition now: News International admitted as much in January this year, and the ‘for Neville‘ email, public since 2009, points strongly to the same conclusion. But the judge’s words stand to this day as the earliest formal, public suggestion that Goodman was not the only journalist on the paper to have hacked phones.

It came at the end of a day-long sentencing hearing for Mulcaire and Goodman, as the judge rejected pleas that the defendants should avoid jail. He was addressing Mulcaire, and he said: ‘As to counts 16 to 20, you had not dealt with Goodman but with others at News International.‘

Counts 16 to 20 were charges which Mulcaire faced separately from Goodman, and to which, like the other charges, he had pleaded guilty. They related to the hacking of the voicemails of Max Clifford, Simon Hughes MP, Elle Macpherson, Andrew Skylett (a football agent) and Gordon Taylor of the Professional Footballers‘ Association...full article at the Blog of Brian.