Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#HACKGATE DAY 238: As more Newscorpers dissemble before the CM&S Committee,The Slog asks….

Why are Crone & Chapman testifying while on a Murdoch earnout silencer?

“Don’t yer dare say a f**kin’ word, mites…”
There are times when I despair of the Parliamentary Committee system.

A fortnight ago, The Slog posted as follows in relation to the Newscorp Inhouse Pension Bribe Scheme:
‘Newscorp legal chiefs Tom Crone and Jon Chapman are on ‘leaving bonuses’ of £1.5m and £1.6m respectively….which they won’t get until after they give evidence to the Culture, Media & Sport Committee. So one might expect that such huge sums of money will weigh heavily on their veracity as they offer testimony about who knew what and when among the Wapping Liars.’