Monday, September 12, 2011

#MP Margaret Moran faces prosectuion, another liar, cheat and fraudster David Laws Liberal Democrat MP Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Margaret Moran the ex-MP for Luton South will be prosecuted on 15 charges of false accounting and six charges of forgery related to claims worth more than £60,000.
Investigations have centred on allegations that Moran repeatedly "flipped" her designated second home, making claims for properties in London, Luton and Southampton over a four-year period.
Apparently Margaret Moran is the last MP to be prosecuted, fine, but why aren't the others being named? What is the big secret? Who are they that they can have protection like this?

OK if Margaret Moran is to face prosecution for and is found guilty then she has to face punishment, however, why  has she been singled out and why have Labour MPs in general been singled out for prosecution when so many Tories and Liberal Democrats have been allowed to get away with "fiddling" their expenses? Please do no misunderstand me, if they have done wrong then so be it, they pay the price whatever party they belong to however, what I am objecting to is why the law is only being applied to some MPs and ex MPs and not to others? We either have one law and everyone is treated the same or we don't, it is unacceptable for the law to be applied in some cases and not in others. I give you these examples:

David Laws Liberal Democrat MP Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury

The Daily Telegraph revealed last year that Mr Laws claimed more than £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to rent a room in his partner’s house. MPs are banned from paying partners or spouses rent with the parliamentary allowance.

As well as £40.000 in claimed for rent,  In just one month, for example, Mr Laws claimed £150 for utilities, £125 for telephone bills, £125 for cleaning, £150 for service and maintenance, £150 for repairs and insurance and £200 for household more