Monday, September 5, 2011

#Murdoch Archives: Papers of Sir Keith Arthur Murdoch (1886-1952)

What made Rupert Murdoch the monster he has become or was he just born evil , for he must surely be one of the most evil of men to have ever walked the planet. Perhaps if we look in the archives of his fathers work we may find the answer.

Biographical Note

Keith Arthur Murdoch (1886-1952) journalist and Australian newspaper magnate, was born in Melbourne, son of Rev. Patrick John and Annie Brown Murdoch late of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was educated at Camberwell Grammar School and the London School of Economics. He began a journalist career with the Melbourne Age, as a correspondents for the district of Malvern. 1907 Murdoch left for London were he attended the London School of Economics

1910 Murdoch returned to the Age as a staff reporter for two years. 1912 he became political correspondent for the Sydney evening Sun. 1915 Denison transferred Murdoch to London as managing editor of the United Cable Service of the Sun and the Melbourne Herald. He was than commissioned by Fisher and Pearce to go to Gallipoli as war correspondence to investigate Australian Imperial Force mail service and associated matters.

He was knighted in 1933 and appointed Trustee of the National Gallery, Victoria in the same year; Director-General of Information, June-December 1940; President Australian-American-Association (Victorian Section) 1941-46; Chairman of Directors Herald and Weekly Times from 1942 and director of Herald, Sun News-Pictorial and associated publications.

Murdoch married Elisabeth, daughter of Rupert Greene in 1928. They had one son, Keith Rupert and three daughters.

Murdoch died in 1952