Thursday, February 9, 2012

#Leveson : #McCann Diary - Fall Guy Colin Myler Takes The RAP In Return For Promotion.

Well we knew it was coming when Gerry McCann bad mouthed Colin Myler at the Leveson Inquiry for going to Hello Magazine with their 'story' or so he claimed and Clarence Mitchell is off the hook with regards the ( for those who have followed the case)  fabricated 'Diary' ALWAYS intended to be sold to the highest bidder !

Colin Myler in return for being stabbed in the back ( some may call it misguided loyalty ) becomes the Editor in Chief at The New York Daily.


Also giving evidence, the News of the World's former head of news told the inquiry he was told to deliberately mislead the McCanns' spokesman about the newspaper's plans to publish Kate McCann's diary.

Ian Edmondson said former editor Colin Myler told him to have a "woolly" conversation with Clarence Mitchell about plans to publish Mrs McCann's diary so he did not know what the paper was planning.

Mr Myler has said he would never have published it if he had realised Mrs McCann was not aware of the paper's plans, and claimed Mr Edmondson told him he had cleared the story with Mr Mitchell. But Mr Edmondson said he was deliberately unclear in his conversation with Mr Mitchell, on the express instructions of Mr Myler.