Sunday, March 4, 2012

#Leveson Inquiry :#GSK- Murdoch #Vaccine - Profiteers Of $20 Billion Dollar Vaccine Industry

Let's make a short list of the industry protectionist standard bearers at the various levels and their credibility... well let's call them "weaknesses."

Julie Gerberding:  Claims that she never bothered to read the Poling case, that vaccines can and cannot cause autism, that children with mitochondrial disorders can develop "autism like syndrome" from their vaccines, then upon leaving her post at CDC became the head of vaccines for Merck, who makes the MMR vaccine that damaged Hannah Poling.

Paul Offit: Reprimanded by Congress for his conflicts of interest, successfully sued by the head of Jenny McCarthy's charity for lying about him in a book, had the OC Register retract an article where he made false accusations against CBS News, makes stupid and irresponsible claims that a baby can safely receive 100,000 vaccines at once, gets caught misleading the public and failing to disclose conflicts of interest on a regular basis.

David Gorski: Forgot to mention that he was developing a cancer/autism drug for vaccine maker Sanofi for like five years or something while attacking vaccine safety activists and autism treatment advocates.

Paul Thorsen:  Middle aged club kid under indictment for conspiracy and fraud.

Brian Deer: Lied to families about his name to get them to agree to interviews, feels qualified to diagnose GI disorders on the street despite having no medical background, does not even know the basics of the vaccine causation arguments or who is on what side, routinely says things that are at best, embarrassing, at worst, suggest some ... issues.

Seth Mnookin:  An admitted criminal.

GlaxoSmithKline: Who has the time. Just google "
Glaxo Fraud."

And now
James Murdoch and the Sunday Times.

Lets take a step into the way back machine and revisit
my little chart on the obnoxious level of conflict of interest in those who were... *ahem* protecting the British people's interest by examining the conflicts of interest of Dr. Wakefield and his co-authors in a paper that pointed out that 8 kids started having serious GI problems after MMR and also had developmental disabilities. I have faded out the later comers to the game to focus on the players who started all this bother:

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