Saturday, March 10, 2012

#Leveson : #McCann - #Blackmail -British Media In Possession Of Blackmail Evidence Against Portuguese Officer Who Worked On the McCann Case !

The fake profile on Facebook may have been created by someone connected to the McCanns' cause.


Ricardo Paiva, the officer who brought the cadaver dogs in that resulted in the McCanns becoming arguidos. The McCanns tried to have Paiva fired from the police force because he does not believe Maddie is alive....Are the McCanns behind this entrapment ?

PJ Inspector Caught In Internet Trap

A fake profile in the internet enticed an investigator of the Maddie Case into indiscretions

by Tânia Laranjo/Eduardo Dâmaso

One of the PJ inspectors who investigated the Maddie case was the victim of a trap on the Internet. The inspector Ricardo Paiva spoke on Facebook with a woman who introduced herself as an American model, but the talks eventually ended up in the possession of the English media. The inspector was blackmailed, so these conversations were not made ​​public, and now is facing a disciplinary process concerning the breach of civil servant duty. The fake profile on Facebook may have been created by someone connected to the McCanns' cause.

The PJ's directorate already opened an inquest to the inspector: “An English newspaper is in possession of photos and cell phone messages from an PJ inspector and a North America woman”. In that material, the inspector in question identifies himself in that capacity [as an element of the PJ of Portimão] and says that he worked on the Madeleine McCann case. These two facts led to the opening of a disciplinary proceeding as soon as they were communicated to the PJ, confirmed a source from the PJ National Directorate.

As CM was able to find out, those conversations took place soon after the inspector made a comment in a McCann support group in the internet [Facebook]. After this, the inspector believes his computer was the target of an hacking attempt and even admits that some hacker has accessed illegitimately to his personal more