Friday, September 2, 2011

#Hackgate : #Mafia Paul #Carlucci refers to Murdoch as 'Capo di Tuto'..and admits he is a ' GODFATHER' fan.

News America Marketing CEO Paul Carlucci talked about his interest in the mafia in a video deposition at a Michigan State court trial in which his company is accused of anticompetitive practices. The court also heard about a memo in which Carlucci discussed raising prices without telling clients to see how much money the company could collect before anyone noticed.
The testimony was entered by lawyers for Valassis, a rival newspaper coupon provider, who claim that News America priced it out of the business. Valassis has been attempting to demonstrate to the jury that Carlucci regards himself as a mob-like enforcer in the world of coupons and supermarket advertising (BNET’s coverage of the trial is several days old due to this.) more