Friday, September 2, 2011

#Hackgate #Murdoch #Mafia Paul #Carlucci

Rupert Murdoch's sinister little world also includes the United States of America. The little angel of mercy who claims to be the victim of rogue employees has much to answer for. Editor Col Allan stated they were pirates. Integrity was for suckers.

News America Marketing has been sued by companies over hacking of their data bases to lure customers and acquire information for hostile take overs. They included Floorgraphics Inc., Valassis Communications and Insignia. Paul Carlucci, the CEO of News America, delivered 'Mafialike' ultimatums.

Instead of punishment Carlucci was promoted. He became publisher of the New York Post in 2005. Carlucci achieved notoriety with his business strategy of showing the head smashing scene from The Untouchables film as a motivation to his staff that they were not untouchable.... read more