Saturday, September 17, 2011


' Looking for your stolen car? try the Police Station '

 Most drivers have found this to be the case when they report their vehicle stolen.  This was never more true than when a distraught motorist finally went to the Tottenham Road Police Station in Crouch End.  He'd actually popped in three days before and filled out the paperwork on the day his car had disappeared. But, after many hours of looking around streets as far and wide as he could, he thought he'd check the situation with the police in the hope they might have some good news for him. 

He was at the public counter asking the desk Sergeant when his eyes suddenly caught sight of his sports car through the window of the Police Station. It was sitting in the road just outside.  It was later revealed that apart from his vehicle, there were five other stolen vehicles all in the road adjoining the police station, none had been checked, nor was it known how long they'd been there.  Two actually had council notices on them saying 'abandoned vehicle, removal notice '  

The Policeman didn't seem to mind the fact that it was embarrassing for them, and the young man was re-united with his car ' unlocked' and after a minute or so he left. Whether the other cars got back to the owners we don't know, maybe not, after all, telling the owners where they'd been found would not really go down well at all.