Saturday, September 17, 2011

#hackgate #metfail :The Sunshine Squad -- and a £4m bungled inquiry at Scotland Yard '

FOR 21 MONTHS A SCOTLAND YARD POLICE SQUAD WENT TO INVESTIGATE CORRUPTION IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS -- Assistant  Commissioner John Yates made five visits, Chief Superintendent Martin Bridger was booted off the island, Commissioner Stuart Kernohan was suspended and Judge Alexander Henderson was arrested. 

The Judge later received an apology from the Met and compensation of £1million. 

Sometimes 12 officers a time arrived at the sunshine island, The British run island called in the Met Police in 2007 to make investigations involving corruption in their own force of 360 police officers. 

 It was found that Chief Superintendent Bridger's team had misled the courts', made 'deliberate misrepresentations' leading to the gravest abuse of the process. 

The Yard team uncovered new allegations about other senior officers such as Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Detective Chief Superintendent John Jones, they were suspended. 

The farce and consequences backfired on the Met and it became a case of ' which of us is corrupt -- the force we came to investigate or the investigating force?'  The Met said later ' some mistakes were made '