Saturday, September 17, 2011

#hackgate #metfail #MET :Former Cop tells of colleagues who used confiscated drugs

MET COP GREG SIMPSON told reporters how colleagues smoked cannabis, took ecstasy tablets and cocaine from bundles that were kept in the evidence lockers.  he said ' now that I have left the force there is nothing to stop me telling you that we used to take the drugs off the kids and keep it for ourselves.

When things were a bit thin on the ground we'd organise a locker raid, but one had to be discreet and careful.'  I used to smoke cannabis at the police section house and nobody really cared. I became quite addicted to the drugs and in the end there were a number of cops who regularly stole and took bribes to get a fix. 

The top brass never knew, even though they often claim they know everything, it's rubbish really, we always dodged them and kept it between a few of us.  I was never caught doing drugs, but I was caught drink/driving and left the force voluntarily.'