Saturday, September 17, 2011

#Hackgate #metfail #Met cops try to sue the Guardian for libel.

' Cops in corruption story try to sue newspaper naming them '

FIVE MET POLICE DETECTIVES - REYNOLD BENNETT, BERNARD GILLIAN, PAUL GOSCOMB, GERALD MAPP and ROBERT WATTON were accused by defence counsel for the Guardian of using the Police Federation to try and extract a payout for libel. 

They were named in a story by crime correspondent Duncan Campbell who was following a story of detectives planting drugs on suspects and the transfer of eight cops from Stoke Newington as a anti-corruption investigation was underway.

The article the detectives suggested said they were dealing in drugs, and the federation suggested this was malicious. But Duncan Campbell said this could not be because at the time he never knew any of the officers before the article.