Saturday, September 17, 2011

#hackgate #metfail #MET #SEX pest Sergeant allowed to go free !

Sick Card - allows sex pest Sergeant to go free '

POLICE SERGEANT SIMON BROOKMAN of the Met Police simply walked away free from all charges regarding the seven counts of sexual harassment of women.

As the case was being prepared he went off sick and later walked into the station and resigned, thus escaping justice -- it was as simple as that, and many officers whose cases one never hears of (and are never included in the complaints figures) do exactly the same to avoid prosecution. 

There were sixteen witnesses prepared to give evidence against Brookman, but it was all a waste of effort, and the Police Federation are the culprits here, because they know officers can rely on this move, and they actively support the officers who flout the law in order to claim that corruption is low according to them.