Saturday, September 17, 2011

#hackgate #metfail #Met undercover cop wrecks trial and £2million covert operation

This is the strange case of undercover POLICE CONSTABLE JOHN KENNEDY  of the Met Police who worked as a spy in the 'eco-warriors' otherwise known as peaceful protestors.

At the trial of several protestors, the cop under his alias of ' Mark Stone' changed sides and put himself forward as a witness for the defendants, which destroyed the police case entirely. 

Kennedy has been in the Met Police since 1994, and in 1999 joined the National Public Order Intelligence Unit -- a group set up to combat 'domestic extremism ' namely the aggrieved public and spy on them. 

He got a marvellous salary of £50,000, -- in fact, these cop spies cost the public purse a massive amount of funding. 

The spies are only accountable to a certain few in Scotland Yard and their remit once they have joined groups is not specified or regulated.

They can, ' to keep up their cover' engage in acts that they would normally be arrested for.

Such is the power of this elite subversive Scotland Yard Unit.